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*The Truth is Written All Over Our Faces

Here are some more secrets :)

When someone looks from one eye to the other and then down to the lips, it is a strong indication of romantic feelings.

When people lie, they use humor and sarcasm to avoid the subject.

Pupils dilate when we view attractive men and women and they constrict when we view threatening or disliked people.

A nose rub is often linked with deception

Moving your hands while talking is often a sign of telling the truth.

People who are lying tend to blink more often than when they are telling the truth.

Researchers of body language emphasize that when a woman frequently crosses her legs or let them swing, it is a sexually charged movement.

 Pupils constrict when someone is angry

When people lie they use classic qualifiers such as "I'm only going to say this once....."

When cuddling, by bringing a woman's body close to his heart, he is showing you that he is attached

If the temperature is colder in a handshake than normal, the person is probably fearful

A person may constantly be either trying to lubricate their throat when they lie by swallowing or clearing their throat to relieve the tension built up.

 If a woman touches the edge of the glass with her fingers, it is often interpreted as a sexual sign

When we breathe deeply, or are emotionally aroused, the nostrils flare visibly.

Increased frequency in speech errors may indicate anger, anxiety, or stress

A softer pitched voice is innately "friendly" and suggests a non-aggressive pose

With each other, men and women use higher pitched voices in greetings and courtship, to show harmlessness and to invite physical closeness

In almost every language, speakers use a rising intonation to ask a question, the higher register appeases the request for information.

Usually a sign of drowsiness, yawning also occurs in tense business meetings as a sign of mild anxiety, disagreement, or uncertainty.

When you see a hand placed under the chin, a decision is being made

Women who are primp and preen are subconsciously flirting

A firm handshake indicates a strong personality while a weak handshake is taken as lack of fortitude.